April 5, 2009

About The Author

My name is Julian. Back in 2003 I saw The Truth and Lies of 9/11, a video of a lecture by Mike Ruppert which he gave on the subject six weeks after 9/11. I couldn't have had a better introduction to the subject as he avoided discussing speculation and laid out a clear case for complicity using documentation to specify who had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit the crime.

I spent the next couple years reading about 9/11 and doing enough research to understand the contradictory theories for myself. In 2005 a colleague and I started TruthMove after leaving our local 9/11 truth group due to counter-productive leadership. Our organization is dedicated to informed consent, valid history, and independent journalism, and is therefore not exclusively focused on 9/11 truth. However, our concern for 9/11 has been very prominent in our action.

Since it's inception those involved in TruthMove have put a fair amount of effort into promoting the 9/11 truth movement and it's core facts. We created an educational website. We did regular street action all over the city with a large banner sign, handing out flyers that promoted the facts and our website. We helped organize the 9/11/05 march in NYC. We organized a general strike in 2007 that included 9/11 truth and was endorsed by Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore. All positive experiences.

But then our efforts in the movement began to become more internally responsive than externally promotional. As infiltrators, debunkers, bigots, and dupes began to overwhelm the movement we tried very hard to stem the tide. We published a disinformation page on our website. We exposed the distribution of hate literature by Les Jamieson, the director of our local 9/11 truth group. We helped expose the publication of a book on Holocaust denial by Eric Williams, at the time organizing a large movement conference. We challenged movement figures such as Kevin Barrett for promoting the 'big tent' strategy. We countered the partisanship and xenophobia of Alex Jones. We made an effort to prevent Steve Alten from profiting off the movement with "The Shell Game." And we published the 2008 Declaration of 9/11 truth Standards and Strategies.

Since then I have moved home to Los Angeles from New York City and begun to find new ways to promote 9/11 truth with a focus on both external promotion and internal critique. Without that balance I wouldn't be able to continue participating.


Anonymous said...

at least Alex Jones gets the message out to thousands of people.

Julian said...

What message? That's my point. A message that "liberals" are a bunch of blue blood fags? A message that if you don't believe in the CFR, Trilateral, Illuminati, NWO conspiracy that you are a dupe? A message that the Mexicans are invading to take your jobs? Alex Jones and the Patriot movement are ugly to me AND the majority of people in this country.

Cory said...

Why do you support Mike Ruppert? His bottom line is that you shouldn't investigate 9/11 anymore, but prepare the inevitable epic catastrophe of peak oil? How is that helpful?

Julian said...

I was disappointed by his flame out and yet his concerns with the movement were spot on. However, I don't think he needed to take the wind out of people's sails the way he did.

In addition, I said he was my introduction. I didn't "endorse" anything but "Truth And Lies of 9/11" which is still one of the most important videos related to the subject.

However, there are many things that concern me more than 9/11 Truth, the environment being paramount. And if you are one of those kids who have been duped into thinking environmental concerns are just a NWO conspiracy, there's nothing more to say.