October 27, 2010

Rediscover911.com Undermines 9/11 Truth

It's been many months since my last post. That's in large part due to the time I spent working on 911truthnews.com. Doing something constructive is the best way to avoid burnout. I'm excited by the result, a polished and credible first reference on the issue, and thankful for those involved and those who have been supportive of the effort.


For the past year I've been keeping an eye on the "Israel did 9/11" site Rediscover911.com. Soon after it debuted I put up a competing site, Rediscover911.org, in a successful attempt to game the site's search results and to offer a clear indication that the 9/11 truth movement is not about assigning blame or populated by bigots.

Since that time the a number of less than credible movement figures such as Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer have endorsed or plugged the site and wonky organizations like WeAreChangeLA have posting links to the site. In addition, Ed Kendrick, the site's primary advocate has remained busy with his bulk e-mails, social media and SEO campaign, posting links to the site anywhere that will allow such crap. This has included attacks on 911truth.org.

While I have been promoting the idea that blaming Israel is not common in the 9/11 Truth Movement, the same can not be said if one includes everyone promoting 9/11 truth. That would be to make a distinction between those dedicated to 9/11 truth as a unique cause and those who simply view the issue as a means to promoting their existing ideology. In fact, such notions are quite prominent in many Muslim communities around the world and also in the American "Patriot" movement.

Now, I wouldn't suggest that criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic. Zionism is as ugly as Manifest Destiny, and criticizing American imperialism, slavery, and genocide should not be viewed as unpatriotic. But suggesting that we have 'proof' that Israel was responsible for 9/11 IS anti-Semitic as it can't be proven, demonstrating clear bias that is directly insulting to most Jewish people.

Those who believe that the US government had a hand in the 9/11 attack are no less irrational for blaming Dick Cheney without direct proof that those who want to blame Israel without adequate evidence. In either case the need to assign blame is more based in psychology and ideology than fact and reason.

Anti-Semitism is as American as apple pie and widespread in the Muslim world. There very simply are many who would have reason to blame Israel for ideological reasons. And it's also the case that many of those advancing that notion are savvy enough to disclaim anti-Semitism in the process in an attempt to reach a wider audience. Rediscover911.com has a statement on their site to that effect. And yet looking past that claim at the content of their site it's quite clear that their insistence that Israel was largely responsible for the 9/11 attack is motivated by ideology rather than fact. They simply can't provide any significant degree of evidence to prove the assertion.

Without that evidence the assertion of Isreali involvement is highly insulting, not only to Jewish people, but to anyone dedicated to truth. The 9/11 truth movement benefits in no way at all from unfounded assertions. And marginally founded assertions that insult most of our mainstream audience do a great deal of damage.

Recently Rediscover911.com updated their site and included a list of people involved in the project. Zan Overall, Dr. Tom Tvedten, Wendy Campbell, Judy Kemecsei, Jerry Mazza, Stephen Lendman, Adrian Salbuchi, T. Mark Hightower, and Tim Titrud. The site is more superficially credible and was designed to enhance it's search engine profile. In other words, the project is growing and working toward greater visibility.

In response I have updated Rediscover911.org to include new content pages that will ensure that my site remains in the #2 position behind theirs. Anyone wishing to help me maintain that position could click here, here, and here.

January 12, 2010

9/11 Truth Leader Teleconference + Oxysilver = Failure

Last year the NYC CAN ballot initiative was justifiably rejected by the city of New York for having been written without adequate legal preparation, a fact that came as no surprise to myself and others. Feeling quite certain that I could have determined the initiative's problems myself with a day at the library, I think we should be holding someone accountable for deciding to commit a lot of movement time and money to a lost cause.

Unfortunately, instead of accountability we got excuses. "The Turning Point" is a long winded denial of responsibility for the failure of the initiative followed by a big plan to essentially run the public face of the movement. The preliminary outlines of that plan can be found in the minutes of a recent "9/11 Truth Leaders Teleconference."

"NYC CAN will launch:

-a nationwide campaign to pass local resolutions calling for a new investigation, either through local advisory ballot initiatives, or by lobbying supportive city councils where advisory initiatives are not allowed. Other causes like troop withdrawal and impeachment gained and manifested strength through this kind of coordinated national campaign.

-a PR campaign employing former government, military and intelligence professionals and hiring a PR firm to ensure access to mainstream media and a perfectly crafted public image. Writing of grant proposals for this project, an for the nationwide ballot initiative campaign, is underway. We expect to raise significant sums of money to help make 2010 a watershed year for 9/11 accountability to fully enter the mainstream.

-sustained campaign lobbying new Manhattan DA to open an investigation into the destruction of the buildings.

-getting close to a civil suit brought by 9/11 families so that we will have court ordered subpoena power."

Now, such an initiative to put the movement's best foot forward sounds like a great idea. Then again, so did the ballot initiative. As with any group or action in this movement, we should consider the credibility of those involved. Good ideas are often easily undermined by one or more people who are either incompetent or intending to do damage.

"9/11 Truth Leader Teleconference: A coalition of 9/11 truth leaders and groups has been communicating on a monthly basis (via teleconference) about supporting critical campaigns to expose the U.S. government and media cover-up on what really happened."

Have you heard of this group? Do you know who is involved? Do you trust them to be the "reputable" face of the movement? I started digging and was very upset with what I found.

Jonathan Mark facilitates the teleconferences, published the minutes, and seems to be playing a prominent role in group. Mark runs FlybyNews and is an assistant organizer for Valley911Truth. He's also an affiliated vendor of Oxysilver. What is that and why is that a bad thing?

Oxysilver is a brand of 'colloidal silver', a snake-oil cure-all product marketed to the uneducated and more easily fooled. It claims to "eliminate the need for harmful vaccines and anti-biotics." The product is propped up by a rather typical pyramid scheme and has been widely discredited by the medical establishment. It has few established positive effects when utilized for specific purposes and a number of potential negative side effects. Those promoting it generally have little medical credibility.

Now, each of us is free to have internal contradictions. Jonathan Mark is free to make money lying to people while he promotes the truth in his spare time. However, I would hope that it's clear to most that we wouldn't want him to relate his questionable means of income and his 'truth' related political interests.

Well, unfortunately, he's done exactly that.

First of all, he posted an advertisement about Oxysilver to 911blogger (thankfully removed since I published this post). Alex Jones has advertisements for Oxysilver on his sites. But then AJ is not committed to fact based political promotion or the 9/11 truth movement. 911blogger is a site devoted to 9/11 truth and should not be used for personal gain or commercial promotion.

Second, and far more damning, Mark invited the head of the company, Len Horowitz (pictured above), to speak during a conference call!?! The first half of the minutes read like a commercial for the product.

"It was great hearing from Richard Gage, and we tried recapping a very detailed and broad ranging conversation-presentation by Len Horowitz. I wish I had this one recorded; his expertise and connecting the false flag operation of 9/11/01 to this current crisis of a created pandemic is important, but we also learned why his product, OxySilver, and other high quality silver hydrosols, work well in killing pathogens as H1N1.. and most any bacteria, virus, or fungus pathogen.

Dr. Len as clearly warning us of the nature of this "emergency" to pull off a vaccination campaign to spread the live virus and disease, (which could coincide with other crises in the economy and environment), all adding into incentives for the government to place us under martial law "to control the masses." Sounds crazy to me. How would it sound to members of our more skeptical target audience?"

Let's recap. A prominent member of a group that intends to represent the more reputable and credible aspects of the 9/11 truth movement has made it clear that he is comfortable taking advantage of that position for personal gain and also comfortable relating matters of fact with exploitive fallacy.

And what does that say about the "9/11 Truth Leaders" group? Nothing good.

Like the ballot initiative before it, we have people involved who can easily be used to paint a negative picture of the effort. Edgar Mitchell promoted alien encounters and Jonathan Mark wants you to drink silver. Both may genuinely care about 9/11 truth. Neither should play a prominent leadership role in the movement.

Bottom line: We can't let our desire to trust people and to assume the best of their intentions get in the way of a practical view of what is best for the public face of this movement.